Bald Eagle Reminder


It was an exciting weekend at the Cabin in the Forest.  I was enlisted to photograph a fox being released back into the wild, and on the way back home, I was blessed with multiple Bald Eagles on the highway.

As I was pulling off the road, I just missed the fawn carcass that was keeping the bald eagle’s attention.  Eager to photograph the majestic birds I quickly dismissed the poor, dead, fawn.  As I was getting out of the car, the wild life rehabber  that was riding with me asked “do you have any hand sanitizer?”

I replied “I usually do, but I don’t today.  Why do you ask?”

But I answered too late.  She was out the door of the truck picking up a glove she found on the side of the road. She used the worn-out glove along with a napkin she picked up on the truck dash to cover her hands as she grasped the fawn and pulled it off of the gravel shoulder farther into the ditch,Image

being careful not to leave it on someone’s manicured lawn.


You see, she has seen many Bald Eagles wind up in wildlife rehabilitation because they are either hit by cars while they are feeding on the carrion, or hit by cars during a slow ascent after stuffing themselves feeding on carrion.

It was a good reminder to me, that when I have a chance and if I can safely do so, to move road kill to a safer place for our wildlife to feed.

Even though it is an unpleasant thought and task, it helps keep our wildlife safe and allows wildlife photographers to keep having opportunities to photograph  wildlife.Image

 To see the fox release, and more of the Bald Eagles.  visit


JOY for 2013!

I did not make any New Year’s resolutions this year.  I used the idea many others have tried and decided on a word for the year.  My word for 2013 is Joy!  

And I am Joyfully dusting of my keyboard and getting back to blogging!


JOY.  As in find happiness in the little things because  joy is all around us. Joy is an uplifting and powerful three letter word! 
Where there is Joy there is LOVE and HAPPINESS. 

My wish for all of you is Joy for 2013.  



I have been doing some serious traveling the last few weeks and have been doing some reflection on my beliefs.  I came across this amazing paragraph in one of the books I was reading and thought that by sharing it, it would get me back to this little corner of the Internet.  I have been away from the Cabin in the Forest for 3 weeks now and I really miss being there.  I have been trying to get out into nature on my travels, and was lucky enough to go on a whale watching tour and see quite a few whales.   I will save that adventure for another post.

For now,  here is that amazing paragraph:

“We must change our perception our ourselves.  We must become conscious of ourselves as a walking, breathing, living force.  We must see every touch as a passing of power – power to hurt or heal.

We must learn to see every word as a tangible stream of energy issuing forth to affect those who hear – to curse or to bless.

We must learn to see the world through the eyes of each person we meet.  We must learn to see each step as an honoring of life and each breath as a prayer.

And most importantly, we must realize that our family is not confined to those we grew up with under the same roof”. 

~Ted Andrews

Blessings in Nature,


Father Sky’s Inhale

Morning Sky with lake

Father Sky’s early-morning inhale lifts Lake’s blanket;

creating caespitose-calico-clouds.

His long exhaling stretch





the Hermit Thrush’s voice,




doe and fawn




the fawn’s frolick,







the Wood Duck’s waddle,




Beetle on paint brush




and the Beatle’s buzz,






Blessings in nature,



 The sun is setting on my time at home.  I am  about to take flight on another 4 week trip on Tuesday.   While I am always sad to leave the Cabin in the Forest, the sadness is always tempered by the excitement of new adventure.

While the Cabin in the Forest is my favorite place, we have a beautiful country .

Burney Falls, Northern California

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake, near Medford, Oregon

I have also taken another  type of journey.  It is a journey I was introduced to in January.  I had just signed up for the Winter Session for Soulodge and was reading Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman.  It was not required reading, but was on the reading list for the class if we were interested.  I found it fascinating.  As I was reading it, everything  seemed so natural that I felt it was something I could do.    I was a little disappointed I would not be embarking on this adventure at home since I was traveling to Arizona;  but once I was settled into the hotel room, I closed the blinds and relaxed as I let Sandra take me on this Journey.  At first I was hyper about where I was going to enter the Earth.  Would it be in my Grandpa’s now -grown- over -garden? Or would it be the beautiful stand of birch where I often times sit for thoughtful reflection.  What about the white-pine-cathedral? If I chose the wrong spot, would it work?  When I finally let my mind calm down, I realized, I would enter from the Lake at the Cabin in the Forest.

So I started breathing deeper, entranced by the Shamanic drum.  I visualized me sitting on the lake’s edge, breathing deeper and deeper, slowly standing, then walking into the water, swimming to the center of the current that is created from the incoming creek and outgoing creek,  taking a deep breath and diving.  Once at the mucky lake bottom, I used my hands to part the muck and opened a hatch, climbed down the stairs and was in a dark , beautiful forest.   It was a beautiful world.  As I was instructed to have an intention before I journeyed, my intention was to find my totem for my spiritual journeys.   At first, I felt I was alone in a  deep green, dense forest similar to this picture taken in a redwood forest, but gradually, animals appeared all around me.

Redwood Forest, Northern California

An animal  I had not seen before slowly and calmly approached me.  I asked if he was my totem.  He did not answer me.  I asked if by picking him up, it would confirm he was my totem and  he nodded.  I carefully, gently, picked him up and held him in my arms, and admired his beautiful fur. I had read in the book that not all totems want to be disclosed to other people,  when I asked if I could share that he was my totem,he said : “not yet”.  I heard the drum beat signaling it was time to return and came back to reality.  I was amazed at what just happened and had an overwhelming desire to sketch him.  So I drove to the nearest Michael’s in Arizona and purchased a sketch pad and pencils.  I had not sketched anything for years.  Whatever  just happened, unleashed an insatiable, creative drive in me and I spent a relaxing afternoon sketching my totem.  That creative drive is still alive and awake 7 months after this journey.

The non-spiritual-geek-side in me understands that  theta waves induced by the rhythmic drumming created this Journey, but it was wonderful.

I did take a second journey to the upper world, by entering from the tops of the trees.   It was beautiful.  There were pink calving glaciers, and it felt euphoric.  But I was also presented with an image of the  elders lovingly smiling at me and telling me in a very gentle, sweet way to use my inside voice.   I never felt threatened, or scolded, but when I returned from that Journey I  interpreted the  message to be that I was not quite ready for this spiritual Journey.

I am excited, because on Monday, while I am still at the Cabin in the Woods, and Pixie posts our lesson, I am ready to Journey again.   I probably won’t be posting the results of the journey  right away on Monday, but once I process it all I will.

Blessings in Nature and enjoy your journeys , whatever they may be,


Change your Perspective.

Lake in dew drop

This morning I envisioned today’s blog title being: Momma  Duck, but Mother Nature had different plans.

A few mornings ago, a mother duck and her babies surprised me by floating along the shore line here at Cabin in the Forest and almost came up on shore right in front of me.    As I stood up to get a picture, she rightfully changed course and brought her family to a spot farther down the shoreline.

The next morning  when she came out she wasn’t as close, but  because I was  focusing on a damsel fly, I couldn’t switch lenses fast enough to capture her image.

This morning I headed down to the lake early with the intention of capturing a photo of Momma and her family.  I rearranged my seating area and tried to get the tripod as close as I could to my chair — creating a lazy person’s photo blind that I intend to use for the rest of the summer.  I attached my big lens to my camera body  and set up the  tripod  to  minimize my movements when Momma Duck came out for her morning swim.

As I was organizing everything, a Great Blue Heron slowly and fluidly repositioned himself for better fishing and an Osprey came into my area surveying the shoreline.  I took these as great signs Momma Duck would be along shortly.

Last night we had a large weather front come through our area producing heavy storms .  The result of the storms last night was that this morning the ground was full with gifts from the sky.

I finished my coffee and was getting restless because Momma duck had not yet shown.  I was concerned  about what the heavy rains and high winds would have done to her and her family.  I got out of my chair to look down the shoreline to see if somehow I missed her, but saw no signs of my recently “adopted”-duck-family.

As I turned and was walking back to my chair, I noticed the glass in my lens was very interesting looking; reflecting the lake and the trees.

As I sat back down and looked around, I became aware of the heavy dew on the plants because of the heavy rains last night and the cooler weather this morning.

Mother Nature was saying – “Hey.  I gave you  storms last night so you would have all this beauty around you this morning.  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!”  So I did.

I  changed my perspective and switched to my macro lens. On the area of the shore where  I first met  momma duck and her family, was this:

As I was heading into town, I stopped  at the mouth of the creek that flows out of our  lake and found Momma Duck and her babies.

Blessings in Nature,